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Becoming a member of CreativeChurch as an individual, church or
organisation for the annual membership fee of 15.00 per year will give you
unlimited searches. The directories are regularly being updated with new videos, songs and drama scripts so you will always find something new.
If you cannot obtain any of the songs or videos listed in the directories from your local music store, bookshop or library please contact CreativeChurch as we have access to a large central
video and music library for loan.
If you live in the UK and would like to become a member please CLICK HERE to complete the membership form, print out and send, together with a cheque for 15.00 made out to 'CreativeChurch'. We will then issue you with a membership number and password valid for 12 months. If you live outside of the UK and would like to become a member please CLICK HERE to pay for your membership by credit card via the Kagi secure payment service.
We ask for a membership fee to enable CreativeChurch  to develop and
expand the directories and loan library resource for churches.

If you are a registered member

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